Sjogren’s Resources: History of Sjogren’s

Dr. Henrik Sjögren is generally credited with the discovery of Sjogren’s in 1925, however symptoms of SS are documented as early as 1871. There are several conditions: sicca complex syndrome, Mikulicz’s disease, and Gougerot’s syndrome;  that are very similar or even considered Sjogren’s now which were discovered before Dr. Sjögren defined Sjogren’s Syndrome.

History of Sjogren’s



DIY Divider Tabs

As is universally required for those in stage management, I have a bit of OCD. This shows itself most frequently in my organizational skills. (Which have been known to drive others a little batty.) I also have a thing for tabs. Seeing them all neat and uniform in a row makes my heart happy.

SM tabs

Well, almost uniform.

Several years ago I found self-adhesive tabs which began my passion for tabs. I loved them but they were discontinued about two years ago and despite purchasing every package I could lay my hands on, I have nearly run out of them. So for this play I scoured the internet for something to replace them and found this free printable template. (The template has been removed since this was published.) I spent a silly amount of time on them, but I love the end result. And so you don’t have to spend nearly as much time I’ll add a pdf of my file. They were really easy to make. I printed it on card stock, cut and glued on to the edge of the divider. I found a heavy-duty glue stick worked best.

Sjogren’s Resources: Organizations

Here are a few helpful links to different organizations which help support people with Sjogren’s. I’ve personally found that online support groups are very helpful and encouraging.

Sjogren’s Organizations

Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation

Bristish Sjogren’s Syndrome Association (serving all of the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales, Norther Ireland)

Sjogren’s Syndrome Society of Canada

The Austrialian Sjogren’s Syndrome Association

List of Internations Sjogren’s Syndrome Associations

American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association

Find a local support group in the US.

Online Sjogren’s Support Groups

3 am

What better time to start a blog?

I should be sleeping. No, I should be writing. I have a study guide due tomorrow, rather today now, and still have a section left. Themes of a play. I’ve tried a variety of methods to finish it. Checking on it every 20 minutes to see if it’s disappeared or written itself is my favorite although likely the least productive.

But there it remains with just a few sentences waiting…

Thankfully my body has decided I don’t actually need to sleep. Nope, my nervous system is throwing a hissy fit with my RLS acting up and my skin feeling as though it’s slowly crawling off my body. I wish it would, although I suppose that would make it rather awkward to meet new people.

Sometimes plays surprise me and this one, Over the River and Through the River, has been one of them. I initially thought it was a rather shallow comedy, but as the students explore and develop their characters a surprising amount of depth has appeared.

The dog is awake. She figures since I’m up I should feed her.BrandyMore information on neuropathy associated with Sjogren’s