DIY Divider Tabs

As is universally required for those in stage management, I have a bit of OCD. This shows itself most frequently in my organizational skills. (Which have been known to drive others a little batty.) I also have a thing for tabs. Seeing them all neat and uniform in a row makes my heart happy.

SM tabs

Well, almost uniform.

Several years ago I found self-adhesive tabs which began my passion for tabs. I loved them but they were discontinued about two years ago and despite purchasing every package I could lay my hands on, I have nearly run out of them. So for this play I scoured the internet for something to replace them and found this free printable template. (The template has been removed since this was published.) I spent a silly amount of time on them, but I love the end result. And so you don’t have to spend nearly as much time I’ll add a pdf of my file. They were really easy to make. I printed it on card stock, cut and glued on to the edge of the divider. I found a heavy-duty glue stick worked best.


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